Hip osteoarthritis is very common among the aging population.  Hip replacement surgery is one of the most successful of all surgeries with success rates over 95% and excellent long-term outcomes.  With advancements in technology of the components there are expectations of hip replacements lasting for 30 years.  I currently use the Depuy hip replacement system which has a track record of over 20 years of excellent outcomes.

Hip Arthritis


This is an x-ray of a pelvis showing arthritis is both hips.  The right hip arthritis is much more advanced with the femoral head eroding into the acetabulum.




Hip Replacement


This is an x-ray after both hips were replaced.  These were done in a staged fashion.  The leg lengths are equal and the implants are in excellent position.  I am able to place the implants in the optimal position by using fluoroscopic guidance (live x-ray) during the surgery while I am placing implants.  This patient was walking approximately 5 miles a day just a few months after surgery.




Here are two images of a hip (femoral head) that was removed for hip replacement.  This patient was in so much pain that he wouldn't even straighten out his hip to walk on it.   We can see the cartilage has completely delaminated from the subchondral bone underneath.  The rest of the cartilage on the head is severely damaged.  Normal cartilage is shiny white, and normal cartilage on cartilage co-efficient of friction is less than than of ice on ice!