Patient Cases


In order to feel comfortable with your orthopedic surgeon, it is imperative to see several examples of cases that are similar to yours. The following cases are actual patients of Dr. Bady. Informed consent has been obtained from each patient. Please choose the appropriate category that best relates to your particular case from the drop-down menu above to see specific exampes of previous patient cases and to get general information on the type of orthopedic surgery that may be used. 


Cervical spine is my personal area of interest.  These patients often have excellent results with a truly minimally invasive approach with the ability to return to work in as little as a few days.  Please see examples of cases including MRI's and X-rays.


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The low back has a multitude of issues, with some as simple as a disk herniation to more complex issues such as spondylolisthesis, and adult degenerative scoliosis.  Patient education is key to understanding which approach would be most beneficial in each patient's case.  Often, the best approach is non-invasive including physical therapy, medications, weight loss, and injections.


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General Orthopedics includes care of the Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Wrist/Hand, Foot/Ankle, and elbow.  This includes care of fractures (broken bones), arthritic issues, and sports injuries.  General Orthopedic issues often overlap with spine issues and I find it helpful to take care of both.  For example, a pinched cervical spine nerve root often causes referred pain to the shoulder, complicating the issue.  Another example is lumbar spine stenosis (narrowing) causing referred pain to the hip.